What is Metafit? Short interview with Justin Corcoran from Metafit HQ. Great for obstacle racing, fat loss, athletic development and general health and fitness. Check out the Metafit website and find a coach near you.

Posted by Metafit Australia & New Zealand on Monday, 10 October 2016

Metafit – the 30 minute workout that keeps working for 24 hours!

What is Metafit?

Metafit is a 30 minute HIIT training session designed to boost your fitness, increase your energy levels & get massive fitness and body composition results in the shortest amount of time possible. It gets results because it…

– It creates a Metabolic Disturbance.

– Causes an increase to your Resting Metabolic Rate.

– Boosts Fat Burning

What makes Metafit different to any normal group outdoor training or HIIT sessions?

People promote interval training (training using timed work and timed rest period workouts) as HIIT. This is not always the case. HIIT requires you to train at 95% effort. It works the whole body hard using minimal rest periods. This means exercises such as abdominal crunches do not factor in a true HIIT session. Planks, on the other hand, do as they work your entire core! True HIIT training is designed to take the body to its limits by using simple but big compound body weight moves that take your body through its full range of movement (they increase your heart rate) . This ensures you work at maximum intensity.

Think that it will be too hard for you?

Not at all. Children from the age of 14 to adults in their 60’s participate in our classes. Exercises are regressed (made easier) or progressed (made harder) depending on the individual’s fitness level. The instructor will show you which level is suitable for you to perform. You get the intensity of the workout with a combination of continuous work patterns during the timed work period and performing the moves at the appropriate level for you – but through a full range of movement.

Why should I try Metafit?

It is hard, minimal time is spent working out, it’s fun and good for you. Yes true HIIT workouts are great for you. Don’t believe me – come and try!

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