The essence of sleep

The Essence of Sleep Hi everybody. Everyone struggles with sleep at times and there are many things that can help regulate it. For many of us we resort to drugs to get that little bit extra rest we need. There are some natural remedies out there. One of my favourites is the use of Essential… Read More The essence of sleep

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Why you should choose Warm Stone Massage

 Why should warm stone massage be a part of your wellness program? Because massage and alternative therapies are gaining greater recognition as an integral component to any health and fitness programs. Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage, Myofacial Release, Warm Stone Massage. No one therapy is the best. Many people believe that for massage to be effective… Read More Why you should choose Warm Stone Massage


Why HIIT is a hit!

Why all the fuss over HIIT Training? HIIT training is everywhere at present. Every boot camp and gym is offering HIIT sessions. I offer sessions too via my Metafit classes. Why the fuss? Findings from studies conducted over the past couple of years had shown some unexpected but amazing health and fitness benefits. Reversal of… Read More Why HIIT is a hit!

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Mobility and Me

Mobility – or lack thereof caused me pain I can remember what prompted me to venture back to the gym and weight training. I was in my 40’s, I ached all over. My back was constantly sore. My knee’s ached and I couldn’t sleep at night because of pain in my hips. In a nutshell… Read More Mobility and Me