Jude Morganson

Hi! My name is Jude. I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, business owner and mum of three – amongst many other things. If you are interested, you can read a little bit more about my fitness journey here!

My Training Philosophy

Who do I especially like working with? Well – you may be a bit older and may want to focus on an overall approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing so that you can remain injury free, active and healthy. That may want to continue with and maintain a hardcore training program, you may be a weekend warrior or you may just want to be active and move better. You may have a bit of weight to lose, or just want help with some sound nutrition strategies to keep you healthy and keep those lifestyle related diseases away.

Why choose me as your Personal Trainer

Quite simply – I understand! Too many trainers today focus on quick results, 12 week programs aimed at getting weight off – but not really working toward a long term strategy. That is not me. I may run a few challenges here and there but they are generally to support the overall training programs of my clients or to give you an opportunity to work with me to see if we are the right fit.

If you are after a sensible long term approach for permanent change –¬†get in touch now!Let me help you find the right solution to your fitness goal!


Just in case you are curious, this is some of the things I can do.

1. Cert III & IV In Fitness
2. Nutrition Coach – Precision Nutrition & Metabolic Precision
3. Pre and Post Natal Fitness
4. Kettlebell Instructor
5. Mobility Instructor
6. Power Bags Instructor
7. Suspension Trainer Instructor
8. Metafit Group Fitness Instructor
9. MetaPWR Group Fitness Instructor
10. Pilates Fitness Instructor
11. Menopause & Fitness
(Oh and I have all the necessary First Aid Certificates as well for those that are interested!)