Carbs Carbs Carbs!

Yes Carbs Carbs and more Carbs! Have you ever been handed a diet that consists primarily of  chicken, nuts, eggs, broccoli? If you are lucky, there many be some sweet potato or some oats for breakfast with a protein shake a couple of times a week. Sound familiar?  Is this a healthy diet? No.  Is it a… Read More Carbs Carbs Carbs!


Cardio Acronyms Part 1

Cardio Acronyms – Part 1 HIIT your goals with HIIT Training This week we will touch on cardio.  As we know the fitness industry is always coming up with acronyms – today we will discuss a a type of training that gets outstanding results. In particular, for those older athletes amongst us believe it or… Read More Cardio Acronyms Part 1


Cardio Acronyms Part 2

Cardio Acronyms – Part 2 We have a few different acronyms in the fitness industry to describe different training types and they can get quite confusing.  In this article, Cardio Acronyms Part 2, we discuss the acronym LISS. LISS LISS stands for low intensity steady state cardio.  This is the traditional go to when discussing… Read More Cardio Acronyms Part 2


The essence of sleep

The Essence of Sleep Hi everybody. Everyone struggles with sleep at times and there are many things that can help regulate it. For many of us we resort to drugs to get that little bit extra rest we need. There are some natural remedies out there. One of my favourites is the use of Essential… Read More The essence of sleep