About our Health & Fitness Approach

Are you frustrated with the focus on the endless weightloss roundabout? Yo Yoing back and forth. Never quite feeling like you are achieving your health and fitness goals as you join programs that not only give you long term results, but also don't take your injuries and fitness levels into perspective. You hear "Do this" and another person says "Do that" - you are so confused because there is so much conflicting information out there? Would you like to partner with a PT who will design a wholistic health and fitness plan that suits your overall needs and helps you toward your goals without the gimmicks? Do you really want to change?

Yes? Then give us a call now so that we can work together to reach your goals, keep you motivated and help you feel better !

Why is Core Motivation PT different?

We are different because of our approach to your health and fitness:

We know from your perspective, you want changes and get results in your health and fitness journey. The approach you choose can either undermine or support long-term achievement of your goals

To ensure we can help you work toward your goals, we mix a personal approach with an educational approach.

Do you know what has the biggest impact on your metabolism (how much fuel we burn each day)? It is not food and it is not exercise. Let us help you understand how to use food and exercise to build a healthy metabolism.

Do you know the importance of resistance training. How it factors to stop fat gain and helps to maintain overall health as we age?

Do you understand why body composition and not scale weight is a better measure for health and fitness? Do you understand how it can help improve your body shape and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases?

Did you know that anybody can exercise no matter how big, small, fit, unfit or injured they are - one size does not and should not fit all

Probably not - but we do!

The information portrayed by modern society has skewed and confused us - many of us giving up. We feel starved, exhausted and unmotivated, all the while compromising our health and fitness.

To achieve something different, you must do something different? We do different well.

  1. To help you succeed with your nutrition, we take a long term, habit based approach. This ensures small achievable changes that will have you kicking goals easily in no time.
  2. We offer balanced training plans by using a wholistic approach with an overall focus. This ensures you are able to reach optimal wellness whilst undertaking our programs
  3. And we also take our education very seriously. We are constantly researching and learning to ensure that you are not victim of the latest fad.

How could we offer you proven solutions without constantly developing our own understanding of health and fitness. Shoot us an email to arrange a chat now
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