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Are you frustrated with the focus on the endless weightloss roundabout? Yo Yoing back and forth. Never quite feeling like you are achieving your health and fitness goals as you join programs that not only give you long term results, but also don’t take your injuries and fitness levels into perspective. You hear “Do this” and another person says “Do that” – you are so confused because there is so much conflicting information out there? Would you like to partner with a PT who will design a wholistic health and fitness plan that suits your overall needs and helps you toward your goals without the gimmicks? Do you really want to change?

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Personal Trainer Townsville Core Motivation PT

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All to often we join the gym because we are going to “lose weight” or “get fit”.  How many times have you done this?  How badly have you wanted to reach your goals in the past but not succeeded? How badly have you felt when you have spent hours in the gym and still don’t look or feel any better than when you started?

How often have you said to yourself “Joining the gym doesn’t work”.

But what if, with a little bit of help, you could join the gym and achieve your goals?

We can help you. Together, we will set realistic goals, set your timeline. We will be there to hold you accountable. When you aren’t feeling the love, we will help you dig that little bit deeper and motivate you. We will help you work toward looking and feeling the best you have ever felt.

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