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Join the Core Crew and get moving again and boost your fitness now!

Core Motivation PT helps both men and women rewind that clock to become a fitter and more mobile version of yourself. Join us and now and start feeling the change. Improve your fitness and say hello to being more agile - oh and dropping that extra pound or two!

I know as we get older, we think we don't have the time to fit exercise into our schedule. Work, kids, partners - all those committments that get in the way that weren't there when we were in our 20's. We feel like we don't have time to prioritise ourselves. So often, we feel like we just exist - dragging ourselves from one day to the next.

10 years ago, I found myself in exactly the same boat. So I understand. I was that overweight mother of three, who rolled out of bed each morning feeling stiff and sore, and who was so "busy" that I didn't think I had time to prioritise my fitness and health. My goodness - I struggled walking up the stairs - my knees hurt and I was always puffed. My saviour was the gym. Getting up that little bit earlier to train. Going for a walk. It was my salvation - it helped me feel better, move better and start on my own weight loss journey. You can read my story here

Fast forward 10 years and I now run my own outdoor group fitness and personal training sessions for people like me.My goal is to build a friendly community of like minded people who gave their fitness their all for 30 - 45 minutes a day in an environment that was friendly, supportive and social.

Here we are today . Our bootcamps run for a maximum of 45 minutes, they are hard but scalable, and are very social. We also offer similar minded small group personal training in the gym. All with some great health and fitness results.

If this sounds like the type of group you would like to work out with, shoot us an email to arrange a chat now

Jude Personal Trainer Core Motivation PT Health & Fitness

"I originally saw Jude to help me work on general fitness, she did an amazing job helping me to feel better about where I was at.After a few months I decided to give triathlons ago and after the first one decided to ask Jude for some help once again.After setting a training plan over a 12 week period with me Jude guided me a great position where I felt like I could take on any challenge.I undertook a training event 4 weeks into the plan and noticed an immense improvement in just that short time.Thanks to Jude's training and guidance I was able to succeed where previously I was literally floundering (in the water)."
Matthew Haines
"Excellent mix of exercises with a lovely group of people. Jude is thorough and has a nice blend of geeing you up or giving you encouragement. Plus she personalises the exercise according to your mobility or ability. Loved it!"
Peta Steffens
"Love the "mobility" sessions and the Saturday morning "stretches". It has really loosened my back and hips and I feel great afterwards. It's a great way to end the week after tough challenging classes! Jude has also given me valuable nutrition and supplements advice and personal time to work on my injuries. Lovin it!"
Kerri Travers-Jones
"This is training smart!! I met Jude at the gym and was learning from her before I became a client. Jude's knowledge base is extremely vast! She's got something for everyone! I did a heavy leg session in a small group & I have also utilised her services to write me a kettle bell program to take with me when I travel. With the kettle bells... I learnt the proper techniques & form to use this equipment which is really important. I am extremely keen to add her other programs such as the stretching & mobility classes. I really need this!!
Narelle Collins
"Really knowledgeable, and has a genuine desire to help others. Love that Jude looks at things from a whole wellness perspective, physical and mental. Highly recommend!"
Victoria Morganson
"I've started some pt and mobility sessions with Jude. Also join in on some of her metafit classes (these are fantastic Hiit). Jude is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Can accurately assess where your body needs more attention - pretty much at a glance. I can't recommend mobility sessions highly enough. My body is loving the release. Especially if you are someone who trains regularly. Genuine and easy going."
Emma Zarate
"Enjoyed the variety of sessions that Jude set up. Well worth coming along with a good group of people. Loved that it wasn't a huge crowd which meant Jude can see if you are doing it correctly."
Michelle Heagney
"Thanks Judy for a great week of fitness on my holiday in Townsville. Really felt I had a total whole body workout out from the start of the week to the finish. You are very knowledgable in the way the body works and love the way you care about your clients in their mobility, health and fitness level. Finishing off the week with Trigger point foam rolling was really fantastic. Love your program. Will defiantly be back when I come to visit at Christmas time. $35 for the week is very reasonable for what you get out of your classes. Will certainly recommend you to others. Thanks again Judy and thank you to all the other ladies for making me feel very welcome in your classes. God bless."
Kym Brock